2018 – LEXUS LC 500h

The Lexus LC 500h is the latest coupe in which the Japanese premium brand has put all its knowledge in terms of hybrid propulsion systems. Driven by the Lexus LC 500, which was unveiled earlier this year at the Detroit Motor Show 2016, although in this case it focuses on showing the advantages of a more efficient and respectful driving environment. On the exterior of the new LC 500h comes a tapered design dominated by the brand’s inverted front grille feature, incorporating design traits inherited from the Lexus RC, especially on headlights and sharp daytime running lights. The coupe profile is complemented by the massive 20-inch wheel arches, side skirts with air intakes for the rear wheel arches, the roof drop, the integrated airfoil, the revolutionary rear optics group, the diffuser and the exhaust vents Twins. A distinctive style that does not differ in anything from the V8 engine version. Inside, the unmistakable style of the Lexus comes with a sporty look. The front seats are sporty design, although the brand guarantees that they are comfortable enough for the long trips. The driver’s position is designed so that the seat is as close to the center of gravity as possible. Materials such as flexible leather, Alcantara and the magnesium alloy for the automatic transmission fins are some of the details of the interior, while only a subtle switch on the center console to activate the ‘EV Mode’ warns us that we are in a hybrid vehicle.

In mechanical terms, the LC 500h equips a hybrid propulsion system consisting of a 3.5-liter V6 engine and natural aspiration associated with a four-speed automatic transmission mounted in the rear next to an electric motor, which develops a combined power of 359 hp which allows you to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just under 5 seconds. A newly developed lithium-ion battery, with a more compact size and its 84 cells of 310.8 volts, sits between the rear seats and the trunk, which thanks to its new design, guarantees a space of almost load which unaltered. Regarding driving assistants and on-board technology, the Lexus LC 500h shares most of the systems with its combustion-only engine brother. Of note is the brand’s new infotainment system and a premium sound system signed by Mark Levinson, while the assistants include adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go function, collision warning with pedestrian detection, emergency, alert for unintentional change of range, alert for cross traffic and automatic lighting nissan car covers.


The Lexus coupe becomes even more exclusive with the launch of an interesting special series. The new Lexus LC 500h Yellow Edition has been introduced to the public and is ready to land on European dealerships to offer an exclusive plus to the most demanding customers. Both the exterior and interior have a specific finish. Taking a first look outside the Lexus LC 500h Yellow Edition, the shade used in the body highlights the lines and shapes of the Japanese model. Lexus wore a flashy Yellow Naples color. Also worthy of attention are the 21-inch light alloy wheels, the roof and the active rear airfoil made of lightweight plastic reinforced with carbon fiber.

The use of special colors also appears inside the LC 500h Yellow Edition, where the black door panels are combined with yellow Alcantara inserts. This same yellow was also used in the seams of the white leather seats, instrument panel, steering wheel and rests arms of the central console, to achieve an interesting contrast. The front seats with electric adjustment and the tapestry in Alcantara in the ceiling are other elements to emphasize.  For the creation of the Lexus LC 500h Yellow Edition was taken as a starting point the level of finish Sport +, a well complete equipment in all aspects, in terms of safety as well as connectivity and comfort. As far as the mechanical part is concerned, the Lexus LC 500h Yellow Edition uses the hybrid hybrid technology of the brand, the Multi-Stage hybrid system. Lexus has confirmed that later this edition will also be available for the Lexus LC 500 which uses a 477-hp V8 engine and a ten-speed automatic transmission.The commercialization of the new Lexus LC 500h Yellow Edition will commence very soon and the brand has confirmed that the first deliveries will be made later this year. The car will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2018 as one of Lexus’ most outstanding new features.


Lexus, Toyota’s premium division, presented the new LF-1 Limitless Concept at the 2018 Detroit Motor Show. It is the particular vision that the brand has of a luxury sports crossover. The new model is a true statement of intent from Toyota’s design and research studio in California, the CALTY Studio. The concept explores the possibilities of brand design language applied to this new segment, which in recent times has been gaining more and more members. Despite its bold forms and lines, the LF-1 is a possible and feasible proposal, since taking certain traits, it is still an extra luxury crossover. Its design was defined by the people in charge of the CALTY Studio as ‘molded metal’, and in several parts of the concept car it is possible to prove this definition. The side has new, very original reliefs that resemble the molten metal and in the interior you can see how the surfaces of the entire cabin flow smoothly, from the door panels to the smooth lines of the panel.

In mechanical terms Lexus did not reveal details, stating in a somewhat ‘poetic’ way that like its name, the model will have no limits when it comes to having any kind of mechanics. What is certain is that the concept has a concrete purpose, to explore the possibilities of a model of production destined to this segment. It is no coincidence that the acronym LF stands for ‘Lexus Future’, a scheme identical to the Japanese brand’s Future Toyota family of prototypes. At the technical level, the details of this concept are also scarce. In the same way that it is not known if it was designed with some mechanics in mind, the details of its technical approach are not known either, although it is known that it has autonomous driving functions. The possibilities for this model, which could be the flagship of the line, are many, from a traditional mechanic to a hybrid scheme, and even Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell system. The purpose of this presentation is simply to draw attention, a function that this futuristic SUV performs perfectly. The concept has a luxurious interior of 4 seats, divided into large benches with ample glass apertures in the ceiling.


Last weekend, the Emil Frey Lexus Racing team debuted at the 24 Hours of Spa, one of the most popular automotive events. In the iconic race of resistance were used two copies of the Lexus RC-F GT3, a powerful model with which they achieved a satisfactory result in its debut. The team intends to do a good job this season of the Blancpain GT Series. Because of the team’s first participation in this World Cup event and the fact that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the Lexus F family of models, the Japanese Premium brand decided to present a unique copy of one of its auto icons associated with the competition and high yield. This is the new Lexus LF-A Art Car. Based on the Lexus LF-A, the Lexus European division has partnered with the Portuguese artist Pedro Henriques to create a unique exterior decoration for the LF-A that we can see in the images below. whose debut took place last weekend in the 24 Hours of Spa.

Henriques points out that he sought to create a pattern that expressed the sensation of movement and constant evolution. Two characteristics closely associated with the Lexus LF-A, as the Portuguese artist states: “My inspiration for this decoration was the idea of ​​fluidity present in contemporary life, where things are constantly moving and it is difficult to freeze anything. The lines follow this feeling of going everywhere and never stopping, a progressive life. ” The truth is that this is not the first collaboration between Pedro Henriques and Lexus. This same European summer showed some of his works in the Lexus UX Art Space that the brand opened in Lisbon (Portugal). It was possible to see in motion the Lexus LF-A Art Carya that circled the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps before the start of the 24 Hours of Spa that happened last weekend. There is no such thing as this Lexus LF-A, so flamboyant it continues to be propelled by a 4.8-liter V10 engine that generates 560 horsepower and 480 Nm of maximum torque, coupled with a six-speed sequential automatic transmission.

2018 – LEXUS LS 500 F-SPORT

Lexus presented the details of one of the great novelties that will show the public in the Hall of New York 2017, which begins in a few days. This is the new Lexus LS 500 F-Sport 2018, the most sporty and spicy version of the line of the new generation of the Japanese Premium sedan. Seeking to combine sportiness and exclusivity, the new LS 500 F-Sport is positioned as a very interesting option in its segment. Recently, during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese brand unveiled the new Lexus LS 500h, the hybrid version of the model, and now comes a new sports version that debuts for the Americans in the NY Lounge and completes the sedan line. The more radical versions labeled with the ‘F’ feature a specific grille, new side skirts, 20-inch alloy wheels with a unique design, as well as the two body colors specific to that version: White New and Blue Heat. It also has several frames associated exclusively for this version.

On the other hand, and by fitting 20-inch wheels, the new Lexus LS 500 F-Sport 2018 incorporates larger brakes that remarkably improve the performance of the Japanese model. At the rear, in addition to the F-Sport emblem, the two chrome-plated exhaust ports draw attention to an extra touch of elegance. The interior of the new Lexus model comes with interesting features such as the front seats and the F-Sport steering wheel, a specific instrument panel and new aluminum pedals. All this adds a leather upholstery with contrasting stitching. In mechanical terms, there are two options. On the one hand the Lexus LS 500 F-Sport 2018 with the new 3.5-liter V6 twin-turbo engine with 421 hp and 599 Nm of maximum torque combined with a ten-speed automatic transmission. If the option is a greener and more efficient alternative, there is the 500h version that is propelled by a hybrid system. In fact, the Lexus LS 500h F-Sport 2018 combines a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline twin-turbo engine with 299 hp and a small 60-hp electric motor. In combination, the Multistage Hybrid system develops 359 hp.

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